What is 11th hour?

We wanted to reimagine how we could make a tangible impact on food waste. Which is why we set up 11th hour in an effort to sell perfectly good products, at a discounted price because the product might have a shorter short life, be discontinued, or whatever the case might be. 11th hour is an easy way to access premium products for less money.

How do I sign up for 11th Hour?

Fill out the form on our website - it's that easy! We just need your first name and phone number to get started. It will prompt you to complete your profile before your first purchase to collect other details including your mailing address and credit card number.

How much do products cost?

Prices vary deal by deal. A couple times a week we'll send you a text of a really great deal. Sometime it could be 50% off retail and another day could be 20%. Either way it's a great deal for you and a good way to fight food waste. 

What products do you offer?

Currently, we offer a selection of the  most popular brands that have surplus or discontinued products. More products will be added soon!

Is the a maximum number that I can order?

Yes, we do have to limit the quantity any individual can order since we have a limited supply of product.

What if I’m having issues signing up or have questions?

You can always reach us by texting 1-833-256-7575. We typically respond within 24 hours during normal business hours.

Are the products expired?

No, you will never receive an expired product. The “Best Before” date will clearly be articulated on the text message offer.  The higher the discount, the closer the product is to the “Best Before” date on its label. 

Where do you source your products?

We source products directly from the manufacturer where they might have overstocked or recently discontinued products. At times they could have a shorter time before their expiration date, but we always make that clear before you purchase.

How often am I going to receive text messages?

Rest assured: we won’t spam your inbox. You will receive an average of one or two deals a week, but you can remove yourself from the subscribers list at any time. 

How can I update my profile, mailing address, credit card information?

Simple - just text 'Account' to 1-833-256-7575.

Are you available outside the United States?

Currently we only ship to homes in the United States. Although we will look to expand internationally someday.

How much will shipping cost?

11th Hour offers free shipping for orders above a specified amount, for anything under that, the shipping will be a flat rate.

What if there’s an issue with my order?

Let’s try to keep things simple - just respond back to the text message and one of us will quickly help out. Due to the high demand and Covid-19 precautions, there is always a chance things might get delayed.  Text us anytime with questions or comments at 1-833-256-7575.

How do I unsubscribe and stop receiving offers from 11th Hour?

To stop receiving our exclusive deals, text 'STOP' to 1-833-256-7575.

How do you charge my credit card?

We'll ask to collect your credit card prior to your first purchase. After that it's saved securely to an encrypted platform so that you can simply respond next time without any additional steps.

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